Candy King Salt - Batch 30ml

Candy King Salt - Batch 30ml

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Batch - Candy King Salt E Liquid

You’ve won and your award is Batch by Candy King Salt E Liquid. This salt based nicotine is infused with the flavor of not one but 4 flavors. Pucker up and get ready to taste a salt e liquid with candy sweet tastes of orange, cherry, lemon, and lime. Each inhale will hit your throat with a power pack of sugar and when you exhale it will smell like sweet candy. The aroma of this salt e liquid will bring you back to those warm summer days when the sun is blazing its heat on your back as you walk around the fair. Sounds of music and laughter fill the air but you attend the fair every year with a singular goal in mind. To satisfy your food cravings when treats you can only find once a year.


You pass by all your favorite stands, the savory fried Oreos, the crunchy and salty caramel corn and soft funnel cake but they are not quite what you were hoping to find. You decide to give up and come back another day until you think you see something that will make this trip worthwhile. You ask how much for the candy treat and you’re told it's not for sale. The only way to get them is by playing a round of arcade Basketball. It's a good thing you decided to put on your jordans this morning. You feel like LBJ with the ball in your hand, and we’re not talking about dead presidents. The first shot goes in, now there’s only 14 more to go with 29 seconds on the clock. You stay cool and collected as a small crowd stands back and watches this magic take place. Of course, you make every shot with seconds to spare and claim your prize.


You pop the candy in your mouth and the flavor makes you giggle as the sweet and sour combination hops around your mouth. Purchase this salt based nicotine Vape Juice today. Manufactured by the award-winning Candy King.



**This Product Contains Salt Based Nicotine**

Primary Flavors: Orange, Lemon, Candy