Okami - Kool Lagerfeld 60ml

Okami - Kool Lagerfeld 60ml

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Kool Lagerfeld - [ PEAR × APPLE × MENTHOL ] Coming from the highly success RUSSKI VAPE 3 show in Moscow, Russia. The 5th and Final Flavor in The Collection Signature OKVMI Brand E-juices is here. A fresh and sweet mixture of apples and pears absorb into your taste buds with a subtle fresh menthol breeze.


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ŌKVMI (Pronounced: ōkami. In Japanese: 大神, ) ōkami literally “great god” ,“great spirit” or more notably “wolf” if written as 狼 ŌKVMI BRAND was founded in 2013 in Las Vegas Nevada, USA as lifestyle brand & also a boutique graphic design agency.